With Love and Squalor: 14 Writers Respond to the Work of J.D. Salinger

(Broadway Books, 2001)


"Some humdinging stuff, as much tortured fun as their subject."




Before and After: Stories From New York.

(Mr. Beller's Neighborhood Books/ W.W. Norton, 2002)


"The essays are gorgeous, alternately sad and funny...(a) richly human collection"
--Portland Mercury

"Before and After: Stories From New York vividly captures the fissure of a place suddenly and utterly transformed... It's hard to imagine a more appropriate or more moving collection of voices."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"Brief and memorable epitomes of the urban encounter: a transporting collection."
--Kirkus Reviews



Personals: Dreams and Nightmares From the Lives of Twenty Young Writers.

(Houghton Mifflin, 1998)

"Set against backdrops as varied as old-money New York, the rural Midwest, Vietnam and Cambodia, the pieces are shot through with similar themes: relationships that crash and burn, unexpected pregnancies, addiction to drugs and other forms of self-destruction, lives in emotional and geographical transit."
--Publishers Weekly